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How to Use a Newsletter to Communicate Effectively with Your Customer Base

Unfortunately, many real estate agents think that once they joined an office, get a few business cards made, and circulated a couple Ads in the neighbourhood, that the customers are going to literally beat their doors down to ask for their service.

Sadly, this is not the case. In order to really get loyal, repeat customers, it's important to communicate with them often and give them something of value.

One of the ways to do this is through newsletter marketing. Newsletters, whether in print or via email, are a timeless way to keep customers informed and build a solid customer base.

A long as you have the best interest of your customers in mind, you can create customer loyalty for your business. Here's how.

1. Your newsletter must provide your readers with information they want to hear and make them look forward to receiving the next issue. Naturally, you will use it to promote your services, but if your newsletter turns into a straight "sales pitch", all you'll get is unsubscribes.

2. Offer up-to-date information about your local community or upcoming events in your farm.

3. Keep your newsletter brief but offer powerful, value-packed content. You always want to give your customer take-away value. If you have too much information or too many pages in the newsletter, it's unlikely that your customer will read it all, let alone finish it. Although newsletters typically range from two to twenty pages, a comfortable, readable length would be 4 pages.

4. Always place in the newsletter a call to action from your customer. If you request something from the customer, they are more likely to respond. This works wonders as long as you offer a service that your customers would want.

5. Create easy access for your newsletter. If you make it easy to subscribe and/or unsubscribe for your customer, they will begin to trust you. When you build a trust relationship with your customers, they will be back for more - - guaranteed.

Publishing a newsletter is a time consuming process, News 4 Realty provides you with ready to go articles and up-to-date market information, which you can build on to make your newsletter unique and interesting.

While distributing a newsletter for your business is just one way to increase customer loyalty, always focus on what the take-away value is. Once this is realized, you will begin to notice repeat customers that ask for more and more

Different Realtors choose different strategies. However, all successful agents have one thing in common – consistency. Whichever strategy you decide on, your success will depend on doing it consistently, month after month, every month. This does not mean you cannot experiment and try new ideas, but it does mean that you should find one strategy that works for you and stick with it. Consistent results come only from consistent marketing.

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